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Manager’s Role: Leverage Impact Through Others

The Manager’s role is complex and multi-faceted. Managers must be coaches, mentors, and accountability partners. They must learn the people skills that maximize performance to achieve and exceed organizational goals.

Today’s employees are looking for more than just a paycheck. They want purpose and meaning from their work. And they want relationships, particularly with their manager, who can coach them to the next level and help them succeed. 

This is the continuation of my new and unique offerings for serious people in management positions. It is limited to 12 participants and is held at the exquisite Lancaster Arts Hotel in Lancaster, PA, on November 18 and 19. The content is new and different from any before and is geared toward providing clear, meaningful takeaways you can implement immediately upon returning to work. 

The Manager’s Role

What you will learn:

What management is (and what it is not).
How to build authority.
Helping others achieve their full potential.
4 sources of power: hierarchy; reward and punishment; expertise; earned respect.

How Managers Leverage Impact Through Others

What you will learn:

How you can help others motivate themselves and see things your way.
Understand the role of reward and punishment.
What causes people to change behavior.

How Managers Use Empowerment as a Management Tool

What you will learn:

What is empowerment and why it’s one of the most effective management tools?
How to create the empowered playing field.
9 rules for empowerment.
How to create supportive systems and culture.

The Performance Management System Part I

What you will learn:

How to establish clear standards.
The verbal and written agreement on roles and responsibilities.
Develop a simple but effective measuring scale.
How to develop a growth plan with milestones and timelines.

The Performance Management System Part II

What you will learn:

How to provide coaching regularly and informally with all employees.
How to provide counseling the moment performance deviations happen, no matter how awkward or unpleasant.

How Managers Evaluate Performance & Provide Feedback

What you will learn:

How to conduct a performance review.
How to avoid labeling and quick analysis or personality judgments.
How to analyze performance problems and quickly find cause.
How to confront poor performance.

The Perfect Leadership Style

What you will learn:

The 5 Leadership Styles.
What is Referent Leadership?
What is the relationship between leadership and decision-making?
Situations that dictate management behavior.

How Managers Resolve Common Management Issues

What you will learn:

The relevance of timing of action for managers.
How to find the correct starting point in times of crisis or otherwise.
Why problem-solving is important but how to focus on raising existing standards.
How to make better decisions, faster and more consistently.
How to ensure the success of any plan.


November 18 & 19


Register with payment by Oct. 31: $750 per person
$900 per person after Oct. 31.

Workshop fee includes a light catered lunch both days.
First come, first served, full payment required for registration. If you pay on or before October 31 the course fee is $750. Register after October 31 and the fee is $900.


Lancaster Arts Hotel
300 Harrisburg Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17603

Networking Dinner:

Join the group on November 17, at 7:00 pm, for conversation and a “Dutch Treat” dinner at the John J. Jefferies Restaurant.
If you plan on attending let us know as soon as possible so we can include you in our reservations.


Rooms are available for $159 per night for a 2-night stay (not included in the course fee).
CALL (717) 584-9786 for reservations.

Complimentary Deluxe Continental Breakfast, wireless internet, indoor parking garage, and other amenities are included with your stay at the Lancaster Arts Hotel.


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