The Management Workshop

How to Leverage Impact Through Others

November 18 & 19 2021
Sessions run from 9 am to 4 pm with an hour lunch and short breaks in the morning and afternoon sessions.

Before November 3: $750
After November 3: $900


The manager’s role is complex and multi-faceted. Managers must be coaches, mentors, and accountability partners. They must learn the people skills that maximize their employees’ performance to achieve and exceed organizational goals.

Managers also need to understand that today’s employees are looking for more than just a paycheck. They want to find purpose and meaning in their work. And they want to build relationships with others, particularly their manager, who can coach them to the next level and help them succeed.

If you need to hone your skills as a mentor and a coach, join me for this 2-day workshop at the exclusive Lancaster Arts Hotel in Lancaster, Pa., on Nov. 18 and 19. This is a new offering and is limited to 12 participants. Completely redesigned sessions provide clear, meaningful takeaways you can implement immediately upon returning to work.


  • How to analyze performance problems and quickly find cause.
  • How to confront poor performance.
  • How you can learn the art of persuasion.
  • Provide a comprehensive process for building authority.
  • Employ effective techniques to empower subordinates to achieve their full potential.
  • Explore and experiment with positive techniques that help others motivate themselves.
  • Interact with other successful colleagues for mutual learning.
  • Emerge with ideas, tools, and support for accelerated growth.

The Setting

Lancaster Arts Hotel
300 Harrisburg Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17603

Participation is limited to 12 people who are open to the challenge of learning new skills and approaches to leverage their impact on others.

The Agenda


The Manager’s Role
How Managers Leverage Impact Through Others
How Managers Use Empowerment as a Management Tool
The Performance Management System Part I


The Performance Management System Part II
How Managers Evaluate Performance & Provide Feedback
The Perfect Leadership Style
How Managers Resolve Common Management Issues


The Investment

Register with payment by November 3: $750 per person

$900 per person after November 3.

Workshop fee includes a light catered lunch both days.

First come, first served, full payment required for registration. If you pay on or before November 3 the course fee is $750.
Register after November 3 and the fee is $900.

Launch your plans for 2022 with a whole new set of management skills and tools to help you and your team succeed.


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