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Management is about helping your team achieve its full potential.

Management Best Practices

Like many of the managers I’ve worked with over the years, I woke up one day and found I had been promoted to a “management” position. And without formal training or instruction, my first few years were trial by fire.

That was in 1980.

Over the next 17 years, I became a student of management best practices. I read and applied different techniques by American psychologists Douglas McGregor, David McClelland, Abraham Maslow, and management philosopher and visionary Peter Drucker.

With practice, I developed and honed my own practical, methodical approach to managing teams of workers.

I believe the role of a manager is to help others achieve their full potential. After all, my success as a leader was dependent upon the success of the team I built. Everything I did as a manager came out of that philosophy.

Today’s employees come to work with much higher expectations and are making greater demands of their work experience. They are looking for purpose and meaning from their work. And they want managers who are interested in helping them succeed.

The successes I experienced in the years working inside companies and organizations provided the inspiration that led me to want to help others become better managers.

That’s why I started LEP Management Education.

My goal is to arm managers and management teams with the skills to maximize their team’s performance and achieve and exceed their goals and the goals of the organization. My experience has been that well-managed companies create more value for their customers and in doing so, create happy customers who are eager to tell all their friends.

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Len Prosseda